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Mono had his retirement work lunch yesterday. He got many accolades for a job well done over 22 years of service in the Canadian Navy. It was an afternoon of beer, food, pats on the back, presentations and a lot of men in one room. Ha! I wasn't used to that part.

I got an award too. One for the amount of support and time I have put in to supporting Mono in his job. It felt weird receiving it. I am not used to appreciation and although I was choked up at the sentiment I felt part of the appreciation should go to his ex wife. I emailed her for the first time with a picture of me holding it and wrote that I received it on her behalf also as she put in 17 years of marriage to him. I haven't heard back.

It has been interesting and quite comfortable to have Ken around lately. He came for awhile and my co-worker, his gf, showed up too. It was the first time I sat and talked with them together. It went fine. He seemed pleased to sit back and let us talk about work. I felt a sense of relief and reflected on the journey to get to that point afterwards for a bit.

Last night we went to visit our friends up the mountain. We met them when Mono lived up there and we first started dating. After four years they have decided to move out of province this winter. Its the end of an era. Many weekends we have spent with them up there and last night was not only Mono's retirement party, but a kind of a good bye. I found it to be a sad event on many levels due to several circumstances. Everything is changing some how...

I haven't seen Brad or Derby much lately. I have spent most of my time by myself. Taking the time I need to think and re-group on my own. I am transforming some how and I am allowing that process to unfold. I'm turning to myself and giving myself a good look over. Hopefully this will help me understand where my future will go and help me make choices that are healthy for me in the long run. My mind is shifting it seems. When I say to myself I need to look after my primary, myself, it is beginning to take on a whole new meaning. Its early days yet, but that shift is happening.
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