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I think BG was doing the original poster a favor, by giving them even more information on the topic they were asking about. I don't think he posted the link to dissuade the original poster from the community of this particular thread.

I do agree with this though:
Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
What I and sparklepop are trying to get at (correct me if I'm wrong, sparklepop!) is that it's fine to provide links to other threads as long as that's not your ENTIRE reply. Yes, you were trying to be helpful, but you also didn't respond with any personal perspective.
Anyways though, that is getting off topic.

A lot of what I wanted to say has already been said. I haven't come out to my family about being polyamorous. I don't think that they will disapprove of it, but I think they would be confused and ask me why I would want that. It would take a lot of explaining, so I think I'm waiting on a time when I have the patience and energy to explain it to them. My husband's family, on the other hand, will never find out. I think that would be a disaster.

I am on both sides of the fence about this one. In terms of coming out to family. I think it depends on the level of comfort you have with them knowing. Being polyamorous is really not anyone's business, unless you feel comfortable letting people know. Some people feel better coming out and having it out in the open, other people are fine just keeping it to themselves, or only telling close friends.

I am personally an open person and like people knowing that about me. It honestly feels weird that certain people in my life don't know about it yet.

Honestly, I think you will know when and if you feel comfortable disclosing that you're poly to your family members. Maybe you'll decide not to, and I think that's perfectly fine too. Whatever feels most comfortable.
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