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Pointing out something that irritated or aggravated one is not being negative. YOU are the one being negative with your sarcasm and condescending attitude (Yeah, calling someone "Sherlock" isn't name calling, but it's hardly complimentary either).

Why is it that so often when someone takes issue with something you posted, Boring Guy, you blow up at them? Perhaps you need to think more about taking that poster's advice and applying it to your own behavior than worrying about them taking their own advice. What I and sparklepop are trying to get at (correct me if I'm wrong, sparklepop!) is that it's fine to provide links to other threads as long as that's not your ENTIRE reply. Yes, you were trying to be helpful, but you also didn't respond with any personal perspective. Compare it to walking into a cell phone or electronics store, asking a question about a device, and being told to "Google it". Would you be very happy with that response? Or would you feel like the person was blowing you off?

ETA: And I've talked to other posters about this issue of only replying with links before, including a mod who used to do it quite a bit, just so you know I'm not picking on you alone.
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