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Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
You know what? I never understand why people feel the need to reply with 'this topic has been talked about before'.
You know what? I was trying to be helpful. I put in links to threads that are on topic to what the OP asked.

If I read a thread that doesn't interest me, or I have seen the same thing before and don't feel like repeating myself, I just don't reply. It's not hard. Just move onto the next thread. Or post something that you deem refreshing. Or reply with something useful, then go the extra mile and make the helpful suggestion of previous threads at the end of your tailored advice.
THAT IS WHAT I DID, SHERLOCK. So take your own advice and "move on to the next thread". Or don't reply. It's not hard.

You're the one who made this all negative. Put me on your Ignore list if you can't handle my posts like a grown-up.

Sheesh. Some people around here...

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