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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Then again, I feel a little silly saying boyfriend, as that should be the province of teenage girls.
Um, yes. There's very little space in our language for "people who are more important to me than friends, but I don't want to marry or am not married to yet." I default to "partner" because I and my spouse are genderqueer, which makes this conversation extra special, but before we both moved into a more gender neutral space, we were each others' girlfriends. It does feel a little sophomoric.

I think work can be especially challenging. We both worked on a same-sex marriage campaign for the last year, and there was a LOT of emphasis on the importance of stable, monogamous households that was pretty hard to stomach. It wound up getting the issue passed, but at the cost of distancing polyamorous folks, many of whom did work on the campaign.
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