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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
...we also intentionally surround ourselves with open minded people, and various members of poly and LGBT communities and their supporters. Since we're surrounded by people who are happy to let us live as we like, it makes me very intolerant of bigots and close minded fools, so there's little hesitation in cutting them out of our lives.
Yeah, I live in a pretty supportive bubble for the most part. I think because I've been out about so much else in my life, the number of people I have around who would potentially care about this is relatively small. It's astonishing to me that as each new aspect of myself comes forward, there are some who can tolerate X but not Y, or Y but not Z. For instance, someone might be fine with me being open about my pansexuality, but would balk about being trans* (I have lost some friends and family over this). That's the puzzling thing to me about human nature.

It also intersects kink. How much of that do I mention to friends? I have a friend who is a kink educator and has had problems recently from the cis gay guy community for being poly.
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