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I don't do online dating, and I don't go to bars/clubs to meet people either. For me, meeting people online or in person has always revolved around school/work or my hobbies and interests. I've met people through choirs, Anime/Sci-Fi clubs, Renaissance Faires, webcomic/author websites, or sites for some other topic like this one. But also, I don't usually go out on dates with people before I've gotten to know them as friends, so one's relationship status gets brought up before any dating. So if you came up to me and asked to buy me a drink without knowing me at all, I'd probably politely turn you down. Chat with me, get to know me a bit, THEN offer to buy me a drink will likely get much better results.

(If it matters, I'm 35. I met MC in college at Anime Club over 15 years ago and TGIB online on a author's message board over 10 years ago, so I've got both "in-person" and "online" relationships)
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