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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Well, the thing is, even though it's supposed to be funny, unfortunately this sort of thing does go on in real relationships enough that I can't help waxing analytical. It's hard to not sympathize with people out there who have to put up with partners like the woman in this story.
To me, the thing is that it could have been avoided if, when she first asked "what's wrong" he'd just replied "I can't figure out why my boat won't start."

Frankly, if your partner is quiet and withdrawn all day, ignoring you and obviously deep in thought about something, it's not unreasonable to think something is wrong.

In other words, he said "nothing" when she asked what's wrong. But that wasn't strictly true. There was something wrong, just not in the relationship, so he didn't see the point in talking about it. Instead he kept her guessing.

Stereotypically, when you ask a woman what's wrong, and she says "nothing" but then keeps being sour, it probably means you royally fucked up and she's just waiting for you to figure out what you did. So women can project that thinking pattern on their partners.
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