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Originally Posted by fauxsisticated View Post
How do we decide who to tell? What forces this issue into the limelight?
It's really a personal decision that you'll need to decide for yourself.

For my wife and I, we remain closeted with the biological family, although I'm looking to change that with my family, and use them as a test run before we tell hers. However, we have kids, and we figure the kids will out us at a time least convenient to if we beat them to the punch, we at least have control over the timing and our own preparation rather than having it be a surprise.

As for friends, that part is a little easier. Most of our friends know. But we also intentionally surround ourselves with open minded people, and various members of poly and LGBT communities and their supporters. Since we're surrounded by people who are happy to let us live as we like, it makes me very intolerant of bigots and close minded fools, so there's little hesitation in cutting them out of our lives.
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