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Originally Posted by glowinthedarkstars View Post
very often P sends me cute or nice messages by cell phone. later he forgets hes done it and shows me the same message on his phone saying look what L sent me! or L sent me this message and i thought it was sweet so i sent it to you.

is it silly to feel bad when finding out that an interaction i had with P was simply an interaction L had with P before me? wierd question I know.

I am most likely over reacting, and I talked to him about this but i might be silly. I just get this initiall feeling of "special" and him thinking of me. only to then be told it was just a message L sent to him. also it bugs the hell out of me when we recieve the same text messages from P. i dont know why. maybe im being ridiculous.
Hi Glow,

Well, it seems there might be a couple ways you could interpret this and that will be your CHOICE
One thing it seems to illustrate though is that he's thinking of YOU. The message regardless of the source triggered thoughts of you in his mind. You can CHOOSE to view that as a positive thing. So maybe that initial "feeling" is not invalid ? Trust your gut. I suspect this type of situation would have quite a variety of reactions among different people.

A second point, and one I'd kind of watch out for, is that it may be his way of dropping a hint ? I don't know how much you might drop him a quick little affectionate message - or forward something cute, but this may be his (slightly immature) way of telling you he wishes you did more. This could put undue pressure on you to reshape your personality in ways that are just not natural to you. Some of this can be good - we all evolve over time - some can be viewed as manipulation.

So for me, I wouldn't necessarily attach any special significance to this, but just use it as one of those "hmmmmmm-interesting" moments and really try to see if it really has any hidden implications. It may be nothing more than an extension of his personality & communication skills. Sometimes we speak/act out of the best intention without a lot of analysis into the bigger picture outcome. That improves with practice - and communication

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