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Originally Posted by ladyjools View Post
and with all 3 of the men in my life if they do have another partner I would like them to be able to share things with me. I don't need every single detail and i do understand that as a couple they would need privacy too but i think being able to generally talk about how things are going both in and out of the bedroom is important, i hate the idea of me feeling like im not allowed to ask certian things so its not that i am going to ask for a blow by blow but i don't want to feel restricted in what we talk about or ask each other.
Yeah, that's the same for me. For me it's not about needing to know everything or requiring my partner to share everything. It's about having that platform of openness and trust. I trust that my partner's partners will be appropriate in what they want to know just as I'll be appropriate in what I want to know. But being able to talk about his other lovers with him allows me to feel even more connected. And knowing that his other lovers might talk about me also just keeps that connection going.

I've also found that I actually like being compared to his other partners, which was kind of a surprise to me. It reinforces that sense that he chooses to be with me for my unique qualities. I also have lots in common with his other partners and it's nice to see that too, because I happen to think his other partners are pretty amazing people.
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