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Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post

A few questions come to my mind about your GF. Does she have any other partners that take up her time? Where do you all see each other in terms of a relationship fit? Do you think of your husband as a primary and her as a secondary, or do you not believe in hierarchy? What does she feel and believe?

Is there any chance that your GF doesn't want to get too close and is keeping herself at a distance, or does this really not seem to be the case?
Thanks for your response. I found it very helpful. To answer questions, no she doesnt have (or want) additional relationships. She hasnt dated since her divorce 4-5 yrs ago and two new partners is enough for her now. Yes my husband is my primary and I am his, and gf is secondary. Gf knows this and is glad bc that's less attention on her. Yes there is a good chance she doesnt want to be close bc she was soooo hurt in her marriage. She admits she has a lot to process about her divorce that she did not process in the past few years so she definitely has some issues from that.
Queer and married with kids and unsure about poly even after all this time.
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