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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
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...or taco.
What is the taco thing about? I noticed quite a few tacos in usernames but have no idea why they would be there.
Well, I was always turned off by the taco ending because I know it is a slang term for pussy. I figured if a guy has "taco" on the end of his name, it's just as bad as adding "69" to their name, as a juvenile way of saying, "Oh pick me, I'm looking for pussy."

But when I posted about this on another thread here (or maybe it's this one, from way back, I dunno, LOL) I was told by another member that if you try to ask for a username and it's taken, OKC gives you choices (like when you try to get an email address), and some of the ones they offer will end in "taco" and "4u". Still, any guy who picks taco seems creepy in my eyes. And if they pick 4u that is just unimaginative and also a bit creepy, like they're stalkers just waiting "4 u." At least, that's the association in my mind.
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