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Short and sweet.

I'm definitely 100% mono and have been in a monogamous/non-monogamous relationship for almost a year. Anything is possible if you find health within the relationship. It is not easy at times but as long as the relationship is based on mutual fulfillment, anything is possible.

If both of you are clear on what you need and feel healthy and fulfilled and you love each other, you'll have a solid foundation.

What works for some will not work for others. Take advice but ultimately it will come down to what the two of you need, that is the only really important thing.

Will you be in a poly relationship even though you identify as mono? In my opinion yes. But being in a poly relationship doesn't make you poly. Don't get hung up on labels though! I don't even use words like poly or open relationship anymore. They are just labels that doesn't accurately convey my situation.
Take care and good luck!!

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