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In NRE it is common to be distracted from everything else in life and feel like you're only able to think about this cool new person you met. I find it good to make some space and time for that feeling, but also to balance it out by making the effort to be really present in other things you do and for other people in your life. So, have time with the new person and some time sending exciting emails or texts with them and to fret over how great you feel that person is.

Have some time with a friend to tell them about her/him and be all excited. Then do something else with your friend and ask what is going on in their life. Same with existing partners. Tone down the OMG-the-coolest-person-EVER factor, but let them know that you like this person, and if they are open to hearing about it also tell them some of the reasons why. And then talk about other stuff and do other stuff and really be present in that. The thoughts about your new interest will pop up when you're doing something else but ignore them and focus on the person you're with. And don't text or whatever with the new person continuously, that's hell of annoying. You can ignore the thought you had or the text they sent if you are doing something else. And then when you are done, you can again have time to think about/message with the new person.
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