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Originally Posted by availablecouple View Post
Like I had mentioned, I had cheated before and my husband wants to be with me and someone else, just like I want to be with him and another woman. I dont know, It just feels right.
So that answers my "why" question.

But what about if you meet someone wonderful, but she doesn't get along with your husband? What if your husband doesn't get along with her? Will it meet your poly needs if it happens that you're continually sending women away on account of incompatibility with your husband?

Plus, is your husband even polyamorous? That is, does he see himself truly capable of being in love with more than one person at a time? Or is he just along for the ride?

My last question is, what do you plan for in case this does work out, but then down the road the relationship fizzles between you and the girlfriend or your husband and the girlfriend. Will the other spouse be forced to break up with her also?

While I do think you will have challenges ahead, I respect all consensual forms of non-monogamy, so I'm not saying "don't even try it." I just think it's good to sit down and talk about all the options, and make sure you're choosing something reasonable.
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