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LoL sure, I guess... if you want to get all analytical about it... But my husband read me that from one of those Coffee News things you get at the diner, and he was laughing at how true it is. I'd never thought about it, but it hits pretty close to home.

Oh, we do talk, and my husband doesn't keep a diary... but other than that, he's exactly the guy in the anecdote. I've seen him fester all day over some problem like that, and it's always something that trivial. I'm not as bad as the woman, I'll ask him if something's wrong and check that he would tell me if he was, but when he confirms twice that nothing's wrong, I just believe him and move on. I figure if something was wrong and he didn't want to tell me right away, he'd have a reason. Sometimes he just deals with problems in his own way, without telling me, and that seems to work out fine.

BoringGuy, you've never come across to me as the "typical guy" portrayed in the joke. You seem to be in touch with your feelings. But my husband is 100% stereotypical Guy with a capital G. And in many ways, I'm a typical chick... always wondering if silence means I'm in trouble, when really it's just that the car is making a funny noise and he can't figure it out.
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