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My husband and I would like to meet someone to add to our relationship. So much to tell a lot of people about ourselves. I am 32 my husband is 40. We recently quit smoking (2 months ago) and eating healthy and we have tons more energy so I approached my husband about something I asked him about a long time ago. He didn't give me an answer then and recently when I asked him he told me that he thought, back then, that I was trying to trick him into telling me information that would potentially end our marriage. Now that we have been married for 8 years he knows me like I know myself, since we spend much of our time together, and hadn't remembered the conversation. So when I brought it up to him again he realized I was serious. We have had some long discussions about what we would accept but we are in agreeance that another person would be right for us.
We live in Northern Utah, own our own home and unlike most of the sites out there that just seem to be people looking for a one night stand. We are, however, turned on both intellectually as well as physically. Someone mentally stable (of course) and wants to date as if a traditional date to get to know our possible addition to our family. I would love to answer any questions you have about us, so feel free to send us a private message on this site and ask all you like. I am not at all clingy or desperate so if you end our messaging you won't have to worry about hurting my feelings or bothering you forever.
I feel that we are all adults and we understand that to find our soul mate may be a lengthy process so we are open to answer questions from any interested persons.
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