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Sparklepop, yes, I think the NRE is kicking in, which reminds me...I wanted to look up discussions on the topic on here. I'd like to load myself with ways to not distance my SO while I'm all twitterpated, but still let myself enjoy the ride.

My GF and I have talked about NRE lately and come up with a list of things that we think help us, if this helps you!

- understanding that the other person will likely be having NRE and not to panic... wait until the buzz wears off... and be patient!
- be careful not to needlessly harp on about how wonderful this new person is, just keep it calm and sensible to keep insecurity down
- speak up when the other person is.... basically being a tool high on NRE
- really try to be aware... ask yourself how many hours you've spent jabbering away to New Person this week... more than two a day? calm it!
- spend extra time with each other when we're high on New Person... give extra attention and love

You offered up an excellent list of things to consider. This whole thread was sparked because Henn mentioned wanting to see me wearing his collar (during play) and my brain suddenly fired off, "Whoa! Houston we may have a problem here." It's one thing to find a partner that is sexually dominate, but it's another thing to find a partner that is into BDSM and identifies as a Dom/me.
Ohh... yeah... I can understand Henn's desire to have you wear his collar... but could understand if hubby didn't want that.

This may or may not work for you. When I have played with join submissives, or unowned submissives who want that symbolism, and a collar is too much, I've given each a token that we've chosen together - an anklet, a bracelet and a velvet choker - to wear during play. They told me that the act of wearing something made them feel more 'owned' and intensified the submissive feeling, without the need for a collar.
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