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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I'll imagine you have looked through If not, the poly and kinky group regularly has queries about this and how to manage that (or to decide if you want to). I don't see anything in the last month or so really about the subject, but when people do ask, there are quite a few responders who juggle that themselves so it's also a good place to get more advice. Sparklepop seemed to have great advice from the D side, fetlife can net you a large variety of info from a sub's point of view too and other challenges people face with that dynamic.

There is also the Two Dominants group, not sure that will be as helpful, doesn't look to be too busy but figured I may as well link to it.
Annieintherain, FL is a good idea. I joined the group in the first link you posted. The problem with posting on there is that we have a lot of friends on FL that are friends in real life, too. Sometimes I'm not comfortable posting, because I know that they are privy to it. Somethings are just too private to broadcast when a large percentage of your acquaintances make up the population. I feel very anonymous on this site. I suppose I could make a sock account for those purposes on FL.
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