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Default ... and he swung his stockwhip 'round and gave a cheer...

I'd be happy to share some of my experiences, for what they're worth. I get the impression that every polyamorist/open relationship experience is unique, and some people's experiences are widely divergent from those of other people.

Our marriage has only been open for a few months, so I only have limited experience of that. Still, I have many years' experience at using emotional intelligence and communication to resolve relationship issues, and these last few months have been so emotionally intense that it feels like we've been doing it for much longer. When it's good it's unbelievably fun, sexy, and strangely emotionally nourishing, when it's bad it's f*cked, but I'm willing to ride that wild brumby like a torrent down its bed, 'cause I like a bit of intensity in life. That's when I feel like I'm living life with my whole being. That's what I'll be remembering on my death bed with a secret smile (if I haven't lost my marbles, in which case I'll be telling my grandkids all about threesomes...).
Be good to each other.

Me: In an open marriage with Aphrodite.
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