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Thank you everyone for your replies, they were really helpful.

I will mention that I did go to a swinger's club with my husband once. It was a little overwhelming, but I didn't have a bad time. I'm glad I gave it a chance, and I am considering going back. I told my husband that he really needs to work at my slow pace, and he seems ok with that.

The idea to swing was my husband's idea as a way to "balance" things. He did not want to be empty handed while I saw someone else. I told him that saying that offended me to some extent, as if he was saying that having just me wasn't enough. And I told him that seeing other people had nothing to do with him not being enough. My relationships with other people are a separate thing (unless otherwise specified). I have the capacity to love more than one person, but it doesn't mean I love one person more than the other. But I do think my husband does have that fear that he isn't enough and that I have to look elsewhere to get what I want. I have told him time and time again that it is not the case, and I really try my best to comfort him that our relationship is fine and that I'm happy.

However he really has his heart on swinging, which I am fine with. I'm just worried if I will be able to swing with him. I did suggest that maybe he try to find a girl to have casual sex with on his own, but he doesn't sound very interested in doing that. I think he really wants me to be involved too. To some extent, it's flattering that he wants me to be around, but at the same time, I want to encourage that it WOULD be ok if he wanted to have sex with someone without me.

I guess another thing I should mention is that part of the reason why I am sexually shy is that I have not had many sexual partners as it is. I have had sex with my husband, and just recently my other partner. That is my sexual history.

I don't have a lot of sexual experience, and especially the last time I went to the swinger's club, people seemed really into it and comfortable with everything. I want to feel that brave, but it feels like a lot of pressure to perform for someone else, and I think that overwhelms me.

Anyways, I do realize this is a slow process, and that change won't just happen overnight. I am willing to be patient, and willing to learn what works and what doesn't. I think my main fear is that I won't be comfortable with swinging, and I am worried about the problems that will cause for me and my husband when I'm dating someone and my husband feels empty handed. I realize that is not my responsibility and I shouldn't feel bad about that, but I do want to be mindful of hubby's feelings too. I don't want to disregard what he wants, but I want to feel comfortable saying no, of course.

I plan to keep communications open, and try to keep checking in with how comfortable things are feeling. Thanks again for your replies!! I'll probably keep updating as things arise.
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