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We used to have a pretty good sex life. I liked having sex w him and was flirty and more passionate. But never the passion sexually I have w my gf. It was never the #1 best part of our relationship. I used to be more into sex when we first started dating and he was the one who was harder to get into it.

Things went well when the two of us slept w other girls together, but now that I'm with my Gf she's not comfortable w me being with girls when she's not around.

I think the fact that our sex life was the best when another person was involved says a lot. In the days when my sex drive was higher than his, he used to say he worried cuz in the past he'd get bored easily. That may be what's happening to me. Not that bored is the word I'd use to describe it, but having someone else to care for always brought us closer together. It was an exciting change.
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