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I think this is a good topic. For me, 'we' desxribes myself, dh and bf-because we are already a family. But-we dont date as a we. We do that individually.

On okc my dh has a notation about me, I'm unsure how its worded as I am not on okc. But its more a reference to ensure honesty and lack of confusion so noone thinks he's single and available for mono relationships.

But, I think your observation is valid and educationally intriguing.

Because we have avery tight family with kids at home-we do operate from a family centered approach. But that isnt a closed family and that aspect doesnt relate to sex.

Some women have struggled with frustration thinking they were competing with me for dh's time when in fact their time was only limited due to their unwillingness to participate in his life-specifically asking him to give up committed time with the kids.

With me personally-I dont ever date unless I have an established long term friendship-and friends spend time socializing with the whole group. So I haven't had an issue there.
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