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Default Offline dating as a poly

Has anyone had any good experiences meeting a partner at random, just as you might if you were mono and dating?

I have never went on a date that didn't have some kind of online beginning. And while online dating is a ton of fun (sometimes...) I have added "ask a random girl out in real life" to my bucket list. Its romantic and seems like it would be a fun dynamic shift from the usual routine of meeting people online.

I am not socially awkward or anything, so I don't really have any worries about the actual asking, but do about feeling deceptive. I like to think that its ok to offer to buy a girl a drink, coffee or dinner just because shes interesting/attractive, but asking seems to carry a stigma (in my head anyway) that you are single.

So I am interested to hear if anyone has done this kinda thing and had good results and maybe get some thoughts from the ladies on how you feel about something like this. If a kind and decent looking guy asks you out and offers to pick up the tab (just mentioning that so its clear only her time is being spent) just because he wants to explore you via conversation, is it a huge deal if it never leads to more than friendship? Would you feel angry and cheated if it turns out hes poly and has someone else special in his life?

Just to be clear - my hypothetical first date ends with a warm hug. I don't kiss/make out/try to sleep with girls on the first date.
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