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Default Yeah, take that to the power of two!

I'm becoming very attracted and close to someone I've met on OKC. We haven't met in person yet due to the distance.

Currently I'm in a primary relationship with my husband and seeing several other men, but nothing has sprouted into something serious. My husband is very encouraging of me finding someone and when I've joked/stated that I need to find a live-in boyfriend he's agreed.

So, along comes Henn and man, he fits the bill. We've both answered so many questions on OKC that it's mildly embarrassing. (Him 1750, Me 1500) I've taken a bunch of the tests that he's taken and it looks like we share the same brain. Freaky how well we match up.

But part of that great matching is due to the fact that we both enjoy the D/s aspect of BDSM. My husband and I also enjoy the D/s aspect of BDSM. I typically have steered clear of looking for this in future relationships, because I didn't want to confuse the power distribution. I wasn't expecting to find someone that I connect with so strongly to be cut from the same cloth as my husband.

Which leads me to my questions: Have any of you entered into a polyship where you either had two Doms or you were a Dom sharing a sub with another Dom? What kind of structure did you establish? Hierarchy? Were you friends with your metamour? Any advice?

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