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I'd like to say, for the sake of continuing discussion...

Crisare, my inspiration to drop the DADT policy was you. So... I don't ask for specifics, but it's a world more communicative and honest and sharing than what existed before you and I had our discussion.

So, there are some similarities between what you and I (and our partners) DO share and what we DON'T share. And yet you call it a Don't-ask-don't-tell and I feel that my wife and I have rescinded that. So... A lot of the dynamics are the same in each of our relationships, but we seem to feel we're on the opposite sides of this issue. :P

How's THAT for clarity, eh?

[Edit: Added the thoughs below]

Do you know what might be the hardest thing about poly? Having discussions about "couples" or "groups" in relation to other couples or groups without sounding to the rest of the population like you're partners with each other. I WROTE this, and I know what I mean, but I'm confused, and it seems to look like I'm dating crisaire. :P

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