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Originally Posted by DrunkenPorcupine View Post
It's a world that's so far gone from me I can't, and sort of don't WANT to relate to it. I don't detest it. The fact that it matters to HER matters to me, but the details... I honestly would rather NOT know since I find them a little odd.
Yeah, same dynamic here to a degree. Not quite as extreme, but similar.

I guess for us don't-ask-don't-tell is probably an extreme definition of what we have. We do share feelings and generalities, but not, as you said, the play-by-play. Neither of us wants that.

And I think just in general, neither of us is "nosy" in that way I'd just as soon not hear the details of anyone else's sex life, nor share the exact details of mine with anyone else. So it works well for both of us.
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