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THAT I understand too Drunken!!!
Because Maca (husband) and I are MUCH MUCH more kinky than my bf is. Greengecko (bf) isn't interested in knowing ALL that we do much less details! So I wouldn't subject him to them, but he and I do NOT have a don't ask don't tell policy-we just agree that we share the things that are either:

A. important enough we need to (for any reason).
B. are exciting and going to make for even more fun between us.

Whereas with Maca-he doesn't want to know when, how, where I have sex with my boyfriend. We have an agreement that we don't share beds or showers (ie maca has a bed and gg has a bed, I don't take either of them to the others bed EVER and maca and I share a shower downstairs, gg and I NEVER EVER share that shower).

I think it would be hard to make an "across the board" rule in our relationships-as we are all three SO very different.....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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