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I'm sorry that you're hurting. It's never fun when a relationship ends.

I would personally begin the mourning process of the end of the relationship and not expect it to start again.

I'm not an extremely sentimental person, so when things end, I tend to just move on. I have a personal policy against getting back together with an ex. I figure, people break up for a reason and unless there have been significant circumstantial changes in both our lives, I believe those reasons will resurface. It's just not worth the roller coaster ride.

To me "let's put our relationship on hold" is nothing but a weasel way to to say "We're breaking up but I want to keep you as a spare in case things don't work out." It's not being fair to yourself to put your whole life and forward-movement on hold, just for the hopes that she might want you back. You're worth more than that.

I also don't do the "let's just be friends" thing. When a romance ends, I need time to heal. I can't do that if they're still hanging around, a reminder of what things used to be. That's a personal choice and it's not the same for everyone.
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