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Grotto took me out to dinner last night. Delicious food and conversation. We wandered around town for a bit afterwards, noted a few places to try out for food another time, had a couple of cocktails and rolled back to his place. Found ourselves home alone briefly, and took advantage of it Fell asleep as two spoons. Whenever I wake up next to him, it's a tiny, exquisite surprise. We kissed and fucked each other good morning. Breakfast, four coffees, two cigarettes (both his) then I walked him to work. In his words: "good to spend time."

Ocean and I are long overdue a date night. We've had an unrelenting stream of visitors (three more this weekend, staying for four-five days) but have a date pending for after that. It's a high priority for both of us.

It's Menrva's birthday tomorrow, and Ocean's been trying to finish making a present for her so has been reluctant to being diverted. I think he's hit a block though. He was planning to do the bulk of the work last night (while I was out with Grotto) but it's barely started. I know how frustrating that is, to want and need to get something done, but for whatever reason not having the energy or inspiration for it. I have Christmas presents to make, so hopefully can inspire him by working side-by-side tonight.

In the meantime, I'm making a birthday present for him, as his birthday is the day after tomorrow Menrva and he are having a shared birthday dinner that night. Grotto wasn't invited as Menrva's supervisor will be there. Apparently her supervisor knows that Menrva is in an open relationship, and also that she spends a lot of time with Ocean. If it's obvious that Ocean's also in an open relationship (by Grotto being there) then they may connect the dots. Ah, closets. I don't find it too claustrophobic, though. I have Narnia in mine
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