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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
And not only "wrong with pubic hair" but it teaches them that they are expected to change their bodies because of what other people think, which is sad. What's sadder is that their mothers have internalized that way of thinking, and do it without even realizing how detrimental that is to their kids' (and their own) self-esteem.
Yeah, I meant to complete my sentence with ". . . seems to be teaching them that there is something wrong with having pubic hair, or that their bodies are unacceptable just as they are."

I have to say, I really dislike shaving but I'm guilty of kowtowing to popular trends. It's so much trouble, but I do it anyway, even though I have had some problems with ingrown hairs getting infected. I keep saying to myself that I will let my bush all grow in again and just trim it. But then I'll be getting ready for a date and not want to disappoint the guy and I shave it all off again (except for a little patch). Being overweight with a bit of a belly, I really think bare looks dumb on me, but this is what people expect nowadays.

I started this thread because after being monogamous for 12 years, when I started dating after we separated, I was quite shocked to discover that men were shaving too now. It still weirds me out. I love it when Lively lets his pubes grow. He gets super turned on when I take his balls in my mouth, and I don't care if they're hairy or not. As I said earlier, I love the fragrance of his body that the pubic hair holds, and his coloring is so nice, I find his sandy reddish-blonde pubic hair much more of a turn-on than the sight or feel of his balls completely clean-shaven.
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