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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh, well, yeah, it was a lame way to argue my point, I agree. However, I never thought it would come out that way, as if I was citing intelligent design -- being a non-theist myself. There is a biological reason for pubic hair, I'm sure, though I don't know what it is.
Fair enough. I don't know why it pushed a button for me. Explanation accepted

having young girls wax or shave it all off, before they've had a chance to be sexual and relate to their own bodies and sexuality in a healthy, accepting way seems to be teaching them that there is something wrong with having pubic hair.
And not only "wrong with pubic hair" but it teaches them that they are expected to change their bodies because of what other people think, which is sad. What's sadder is that their mothers have internalized that way of thinking, and do it without even realizing how detrimental that is to their kids' (and their own) self-esteem.

And that's all nothing compared to removing foreskins from baby boys. They don't get a vote even in principle, and the procedure is irreverisble. At least a 13 year old has the capacity to tell her mom to fuck off and leave her pubic hair alone. When she grows up, she can make the choice herself despite what her mom taught her as a teenager.
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