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Last night was kind of en eye opener for me.

He threw up some red flags and while if he threw himself at my feet I'd be excited, but I'd probably have to turn it down, and it has nothing to do with the complications that i've already listed.

Here's the kicker: I do believe he's sleeping with another married woman from work, and her husband has no idea seeing as he works and is gone for days at a time. While she was there, he wouldn't give me any of the normal attention that he usually does, and as soon as she left he was all over me once again.

I remember when he first kissed me. I got all excited and need to let off some of the excitment and I told her(the married woman). The next day he was all pissed off at me, why I don't really know, but I do have my guesses as to why he was upset at me. Either way, I'm taking other avenues and I'm 98% sure I am not going to bother with him anymore.

I guess GalaGirl was right, I crushed, and crushed hard on this guy and it really sucks for me that it's not going to work.
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