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Supposedly mothers are having their young daughters shave or wax as soon as it starts to grow. This is insanity - if people were meant to be hairless, we wouldn't have hair to begin with.
I agree that mothers having their pubescent daughters waxed is madness. But I generally dislike the "if people were meant to ____, we would ____" argument style. Are we not then "meant" to live naked in caves eating scavenged roots and berries?

. . . I think ultimately, the "meant to" arguments rub me the wrong way because they speak to an intelligent designer, a spiritual belief to which I personally do not subscribe.
Oh, well, yeah, it was a lame way to argue my point, I agree. However, I never thought it would come out that way, as if I was citing intelligent design -- being a non-theist myself. I just meant that biologically we have hair, and when puberty hits we grow hair "down there," because of hormones and all the changes a body goes through at that time -- so when I said "meant to" I was referring to the natural, biological, hormonal process of reaching sexual maturity, of which pubic hair is a part. There is a biological reason for pubic hair, I'm sure, though I don't know what it is.

In this context, when I talk about a "reason" or something "meant to be" a certain way, I really am just saying what is a natural biological process for humans - and having young girls wax or shave it all off, before they've had a chance to be sexual and relate to their own bodies and sexuality in a healthy, accepting way seems to be teaching them that there is something wrong with having pubic hair. At least, when you're an adult, you choose to do it out of a preference you have, not because you think it should be done automatically, no matter what.
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