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Originally Posted by rory View Post
Way to go in expressing yourself. I am sure in the moment it must have been intense, but it seems it was perhaps good that it came out and you didn't have time to convince yourself out of it.
Ugh, you are sooo right. I'm a decent enough actor (I studied it in school, and do local shows now and then for fun), plus I think I've got a pretty good mental understanding of my emotions, so, between those two things, I usually can control what I show and what I don't show. Like I try never to emotionally lie, but I don't always emotionally tell the truth?

I feel like this is a good thing, in that it often gives me more control over how I approach situations (like, should I discuss this difficult emotional topic with you now, when you're highly distracted and already upset about something else, or later, when we both can focus?) but it can also be a bad thing, as it sometimes gives me the option to put off facing hard stuff indefinitely. :/

Something I've gotta work on, I suppose, deciding for myself where I want to draw the line between respectful restraint on the one hand and being untrue to myself and my peeps on the other...
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