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Question Primary Female (bi) partner has a new gay girlfriend.

So I'm a new guy to poly and of course my primary girlfriend who is Bisexual wasn't fulfilled so we've opened our relationship up towards being polyamourus. I'm quite happy with what I've found but now I have delima. She found someone she likes and is dating her regularly.. at least for now. (they have been dating for 3 weeks now and seem to really be clicking well). I like her as a person, a lot.

So, as it turns out there is now a new gay girl in the picture and I have met her 3 times and it seems like everytime she's saying hello or goodbye I get a kiss and she's going for my lips. I'm not sure If it's hopeful thinking or I'm getting mixed signals. I was talking to her and she actually described herself as pansexual.. do I go for it or allow my primary partner to have her new girlfriend all to herself? (I'm currently talking to some girls but not actively dating- just courting online.. I have alot of unrelated transitional strife I'm more interested in dealing with right now and I'm considering not dating anyone else, just focusing on my inner issues).

And another question. . If she's now my girlfriends' girlfriend how should I introduce her to friends? suggestions? It's not like I have 2 girlfriends through osmosis or do I? I plan to build our relationship up before we go into public but I would like your suggestions on how to introduce poly relationships to family and friends.

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