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Originally Posted by Ravyn View Post
Ok.. This wouldn't be that bad if a) I knew and b) she refuses completely to let me dom her ever. ...Talk about NO respect

What should I do?
Sounds to me like she can't let you dominate her because she can't stomach seeing people who dominate her in the bedroom everyday. She's having a hard time separating sexuality with your relationship.. what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

I would honestly give her the space. She doesn't see an issue with not cluing you into her other relationships and encounters. That on a health standpoint is not ok. On an emotional level she is breaking all trust. On other levels she is not allowing you to live out your bedroom fantasies of dominating her but requiring you to allow her own fantasies to take priority over the relationship. This sounds unhealthy all around. I would proceed with great caution.
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