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TOTG> I'm new to poly and my partner has already found herself someone she is dating regularly.. she calls her babe and text i love you's to her new untitled girlfriend. I have to admit I am down for poly and new to all these concepts but I still got envious when I heard her say these things to someone else.. I'm ok with it now but the first time was hard to swallow. I guess what I'm getting at is the fact that you agreed to try this. You're either jealous or envious. There is a reason and if you're jealous you need to revisit your primary relationship.. if you're envious then you need to swallow it and figure out how to not be so selfish.. perhaps go get your own affirmations and emotional support from someone else? Or pickup a hobby?

Figure out if you're worried about loosing your partner to the other person or envious you're not receiving those affections from them.. or perhaps you're not getting that level of attention... news flash they're in a new relationship as in all butterflies and holding in farts for 3months. It's going to have energy that you're lacking because of the length of time you've been dating your primary partner. It's just how it is.. so again, are you jealous or envious? address the actual feeling.

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