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Archaeolibris> I'm new to being poly but I see people labeling swingers as people with high sex drives and people who are not looking to "love many people" which is the definition of "polyamourus." An NSA or "no strings attached" person is not looking to form polyamourus relationships and it's seen as tainting the poly term by mis-using the terms. It's like calling yourself celibate but you jerk off to group sex porn.. it just doesn't compute.

I wouldn't worry what others think you are. You know who you are. Call yourself what you are or what you want to be. Others perceptions are not of value to yourself. If you believed you fit into a nitche or society then you wouldn't be seeking an alternative. Sure it helps to have a text book label when defining yourself or your relationships, not only for your own piece of mind but to help get accurate advice. That is the reason you're on here to begin with right? To seek peers and share thoughts? Just keep reminding those people that you're poly and not a swinger.. you date alot and are actively looking hard for the right person to love... that happens to be a series of short poly dates right now...
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