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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Supposedly mothers are having their young daughters shave or wax as soon as it starts to grow. This is insanity - if people were meant to be hairless, we wouldn't have hair to begin with.
I agree that mothers having their pubescent daughters waxed is madness. But I generally dislike the "if people were meant to ____, we would ____" argument style. Are we not then "meant" to live naked in caves eating scavenged roots and berries?

Similarly, people cut the hair on their heads to make a fashion statement or to satisfy job requirements. Surely if our hair was meant to be worn at shoulder length, it would quit growing there on its own.

I don't think humans are in any way superior to other animals; but we are rather clever at adaptation. We mould our environments around us the way we want them. We create intentional relationships for purposes other than procreating. To that end, we're "meant" to do all the clever things we can think of, provided they are our own choice.

I think ultimately, the "meant to" arguments rub me the wrong way because they speak to an intelligent designer, a spiritual belief to which I personally do not subscribe.
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