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Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
To be honest, if we're going to get sexually psychological about it, being turned on by your spouse having sex with another is known as cuckolding and is more of a kink than a 'good' response to poly. It's a lucky side-benefit to being poly.
Not always. There is a lack of consensus on the specific definition of cuckolding, so your statement is true for some but innaccurate for others.

Within the kink world, cuckolding specifically refers to that behaviour when there's a power exchange, the woman being dominant over her partner, and the partner playing the role of victim in the exchange. The focus in cuckolding is the apparent degradation of her partner and the dominant woman fulfilling her desires at her husband's expense. Within the fetish, the man enjoys this degradation and role-played victimization. As a submissive, it is the humiliation that turns him on, the fact that his partner is [consensually] "forcing" him to watch

Simply being turned on by the thought of your wife with other men is not cuckolding. It's closer to voyeurism. That, in itself, would not be a kink. As a response to poly, it's neither positive or negative, it just is. Same way as jealousy is not inherently positive or negative, although your response to it can have positive and negative associations.
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