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Originally Posted by PorcelainPowder View Post
Quath, those are all very good questions. I don't see myself pushing away the other partner, but I have never tried a poly relationship so I'm not sure how I would react. Things did change when I slept with the other girl, I felt less close to him, but I think only because I knew that our monogamy was preventing me from spending time with her...because she genuinely did like me and I didn't want to have the temptation.
Yeah, that is tough. When you think you could love someone else but felt restrained, it can cause some resentment. It also sounds like your boyfriend may be a little insecure. He probably feels that if you do love someone else, you will love him less. You can try to convince him that this is not true to try to ease his jealousy.

I wish you luck.
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