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I am more threatened by the emotional aspect. I dont know why...but i am. I have slept with people i wasnt emotionally attached i understand the physical aspect. I am more afraid of taking time away from us. We dont get much time together as is. Our lives r hectic and EXTREMELY busy.

Her and i are VERY good friends. Shes one of my best. And im sure shes afraid of getting "booted". I did get out of him that her being in love with him doesnt "feel right". Im not sure what that means. He says its cause him and i are married...and hes only in love with me...and doesnt want to b in love with anyone else despite what they may feel. Plus hes pretty sure she is just infatuated and not really feeling wut she thinks she is. I dont know. He is so wonderful. And i am so lucky to have someone like him.
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