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So i think i have figured out what my problem is...after much questioning myself. Since her admission of being in love with him...i have been having a difficult time dealing with the fact that now its not just a purely physical need for her...and that i am not the only one who makes love to him anymore. And i guess that before she fell in love with him...i at least had that for myself. That i did these little things because i love him and wanted to show that. Now she does too. I have voiced my fears of being "replaced". Hubby is very reassuring to me. He says that even though she may be in love with him...he is not with her. Its just very difficult being a truly hard wired mono in this type of thing...and i dont think some people who arent really understand that. Maybe im wrong. So far...she wants nothing to change as far as "places on the ladder" or the "hierarchy" goes so to say. Though i have noticed lately that he is much more reserved with his shows of affection toward me when she is around. He says he doesnt want anyone getting jealous...and laughs. I know hes just joking and at the same time respecting her feelings...but it kinda stings. And of course i have voiced this too.
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