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Well, I know that I've not had any rebound relationships since breaking up with a GF last autumn. I've simply avoided entering into any. I know that I require time to grieve and recover and I'm allowing for it.

The same appears to be what some friends are doing. They had a triad and out of the blue one of the ladies announces that she needs to move on. The divorce was amicable and the male and remaining female are getting married before long. They've refrained from any other relationships in the aftermath, though I doubt they'll remain just a dyad on anything approaching a permanent basis.

I could probably engage in another healthy relationship, were an interested party to crop up in my life. I realize that I still need time to decompress and having another relationship would draw that out, which I'd rather not do.

I suspect it is easier to take while still having another relationship to draw on. My wife is available provide comfort, when needed, and that makes a significant difference.
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