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Glad it helped.

However the communication thing -- note it. She's doing things she does not really want to do for your sake? (Agreed to 2 week break initially?) Maybe on her end it was not SMART on the (R) -- realistic for her. She could learn to speak up better... but that's on her. You cannot control her or do her things for her.

BUT.... you do control you. Having learned this about her? You could learn to look for your SMART places and ask her about HERS when you propose future agreements between you.

On the first pass -- is it hitting SMART for you?

Then on the repass -- is it hitting SMART for her? ASK her. Because she's not at a place where she's tending to looking after it herself. Is this proposed agreement actually DOABLE for you both because it hits BOTH your SMART places? Does the agreement need more tweaks? RELATE to me gf!

Hang in there.


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