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Thank you SC,
Before the breakup I did think that sex was an intergral part of our relationship but I find I'm missing the emotional connection a lot more. Right now there is still a lot of awkward as we're trying to navigate our way through this but we're both hopeful we can make this work. I still find myself desiring her sexually and I find myself jealous of her new love interest, but I know those are my issues to work on and hope counseling and time will help with that.
Thank you for the book recommendation, we've actually talked about starting a book club the 2 of us in the hopes of better understanding eachother and connecting in a different way. We're starting with quiet as she identifies as a introvert and I have suggested the 5 love languages, and I will certainly put your recommendation on the list as well.
We're definitely willing to try anything that will keep our family together but we both need to be happy as well.
Thanks again.

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