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Yeah, it's a little scary how developed the cheating culture is. Some people like to pretend their affairs "just happen," as though they have no control over their actions. But a surprising number of people put a lot of thought and planning into their affairs: how to find someone, how to keep it a secret, how to prevent it from going "too far."

Hmm... but I have to say, I don't see the problem with single women hitting on your husband, from their perspective. Is it respectful to you? Perhaps not. But respect is earned, not entitled. In reality, it isn't their responsibility to put the brakes on that behaviour. They aren't married, and lots of couples don't see anything wrong with "harmless" flirting. It's fair for them to test the waters with the assumption that your husband will discourage them if it's a faux pas.

And don't forget, your husband is not a passive bystander in this exchange. Is it not possible that they start off with one small flirt, and then he returns a small flirt and it builds from there? No one likes to be rejected; I doubt they would keep at it if he wasn't encouraging them in some way. Do you follow the whole conversation from start to finish, or do you just notice part way through when it's reached a point of obviousness?

Think of hotties at the bar. A guy comes up to her and indicates that he's interested. She can turn around and ignore him, she can be polite and say "thanks but no thanks" or she can giggle and pretend to be flattered, even though she'd like him to fuck off. If she returns the attention, it encourages him. He will rightly take that as permission to try the next step in the courting dance. That's how the game works. If these women drop the first hint and your husband doesn't outright reject it, then it's reasonable for them to believe it's fine to continue.
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