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Jools-there is a difference between lying-and not commenting.

I say this because I live with husband and boyfriend.
EVERYONE in our lives except my husbands co-workers (he works in another town and they aren't in our lives) knows. Some of his coworkers do know-but they aren't involved in our lives-so it's just not the same.

Anyway-as I was filling out paperwork for my upcoming medical b.s. I was thinking on this basic topic.
But the truth is that my boyfriend IS our roommate, so putting that on the paperwork is fine. Furthermore-our current 4 children know him as their uncle-and so if I were to fill out adoption paperwork-it would not make much sense to write "we're poly lovers" when the people processing the paperwork may have NO understanding of what that even means. BUT they would understand perfectly that my sister and the children's uncle live with us and have for years as "nanny's" for our children-which is ALSO absolutely the truth.

The truth isn't as simple as "we sleep together" and frankly-who you sleep with has little to do with your parenting abilities...

I would seriously not mark this off your list. BUT also keep in mind that if you wouldn't WRITE it on your job application-it probably needn't be written on any other application UNLESS YOU WANT TO put it on there.

Does that make sense??

As far as personal knowledge.. no clue.

Good luck!
(nice to see you on here again too)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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